Cross Stuffing

Cross Stuffing

  • Cross-staff is known as one of the most widely applied methods of sea transportation. This method is used when there is no direct shipping line from the source to the destination or the seller of the goods insists on delivering the purchased goods in a country other than the origin country, in this case, the cargo is shipped by two different shipping lines from the origin to a third country and from there to the destination. In fact, there is a need to change the shipping line in a third country, in which the cargo must be unloaded from the container of the first line and loaded in the container of the second shipping line, which is called cross-staff operation.

  • The use of special machines for unloading and loading in cross-staff operations and cargo security is very important. Because it can cause irreparable damage to the cargo. For this reason, ensuring capable and experienced cross-staffing operators can ensure the health of cargo handling.

Cross Stuffing

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Digital freight forwarding platforms provide air freight services that allow business that allow to move their products and materials quickly and efficiently. These platforms offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet the specific needs of each business, and they provide a secure and efficient way to ship items.

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